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Customer Testimonials

Here’s just a snippet of what two of the leading UK distributors had to say about us…

Capital Hair & Beauty have dealt with Beauty Pro for a number of years. We have always found them to be efficient, and offer excellent support working closely together for joint aims, the relationship is beneficial to both companies.
Trevor Herrington, Buying Manager, Capital Hair & Beauty, UK

Innovation and leading the market with new ideas and better designed products, that's what I liked about having BeautyPro as a supplier to me at Sallys. As I found when working with Ibs he was very much central to driving this for his business, he was not just after the “me too” volume lines, he always strove to create something new and better.

This combined with finding Ibs and his team a pleasure to talk to, and work with by the fact that they are a very open and friendly company who you can trust and rely upon, this helped me to build a great relationship with Ibs and he is one of those suppliers who you would actually call a friend.
Martin Rake, Sally Hair & Beauty, UK


A range of non-competitive and innovative products to trade to your customers. We lead in developing new and simplified products to replace outdated, traditional methods.

Easy sell through

Our product make a great return on your shelf space and our range is an easy sell through to your trade customers. Very often people see our products and simply “get it”, identifying how it can apply to their business, increase efficiency and profitability plus generous profit margins to your wholesale business.

Supply Chain

As a versed exporter our supply chain is responsive, fast and efficient with order turnaround time to the ready to dispatch phase within the same day as orders received in 98% of cases.